Flower Art

Using a sponge bottle scrubber (the sponge is in strips making a ball and attached to a stick), have the children dip the sponge into a small bowl of paint. We provided the children with a choice of blue, red, purple, yellow, and orange. The children then tap their sponge on a large sheet of paper in the upper half. Then provide the children with a paint brush dipped in green paint and tell them to add a stem and leaves. The flowers turn out beautifully.

Pom-pom flowers

what you need:

Colored yarn, 2×3 cardboard rectangles, green pipe cleaners

have child wrap about 4-5 feet of yarn around the cardboard rectangles. insert a pipe cleaner between yarn and cardboard and twist tightly to gather the yarn on one side. cut yarn on opposite side from pipe cleaner! you can also bend the pipe cleaner to make a leaf or two

Sunflowers… To make sunflowers, give each child a small paper plate and cut out yellow paper petals. You could have the children cut the petals out, depending on their age. Have children glue petals around the paper plate and then glue shelled sunflower seeds in the middle of the plate.



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  • Myrtle April 15, 2017 at 4:51 pm Reply

    Make pussy willows. Let the children gather twigs outside. Next, let them paste the twigs on to a piece of heavy paper or cardboard. Finally, ask the children to paste cotton balls at the end of the twigs. Voila!!

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