Flower Art

Use empty pop bottles (16 oz.) coke work best. Dip the bottom of the bottle in a variety of paint and print “flowers” Use a cork to add a center to the flowers. They turn out beautiful!

A great idea for fine motor skills during flowers week is making flower necklaces. Buy beads that are called sunburst beads, they look like flowers. These are available at Wal-Mart in my town. The children can string these beads along with other beads at your manipulative table.

craft: 3-D Flowers
make flowers using 2 paper cupcake liners and 1 popsicle stick painted green on both sides (I prepaint the stick.) glue a flattened or slightly flattened cupcake liner to each side of the popsicle stick, glue a yellow or black circle to the center of each liner.

I cut out the centers of paper plates and let the children glue petals around the edge, I then hot glue a popcicle stick on and this makes a great flower mask for songs in circle time!

I let the children cut out flowers in magazines an create a large poster to hang in classroom, kids love the large group activity.

Cut out a large circle from colored construction paper. Place a photo or copied photo of the child’s face in the middle. Have the children cut the surrounding paper into petals. The petals can then be decorated or rolled up for a 3-dimensional look.


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  • Myrtle April 15, 2017 at 4:51 pm Reply

    Make pussy willows. Let the children gather twigs outside. Next, let them paste the twigs on to a piece of heavy paper or cardboard. Finally, ask the children to paste cotton balls at the end of the twigs. Voila!!

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