Fishing Art

You will need: A bed sheet an overhead projector cut outs of different fish, one for each child.

I used this activity during beach week with my special ed preschoolers. The children colored their fish anyway they liked. I then enlisted the help of a teacher’s aid. We held up a bed sheet in front of an overhead projector. After turning the lights off we put on two pieces of music “Under the Sea” from Little Mermaid and “aquarium” from Carnival of the Animals for contrasting speeds. The children were then allowed to create shadows with their fish and have them move on the sheet any way they wanted. The colors of the fish came through the bed sheet and it gave each child a moment to be the star of their own show. I then hung up the bed sheet on the wall and used it as a bulletin board for our decorative fish!

Fish Sun Catchers:

Pre cut a Fish Pattern (2 each per child) from clear contact paper. Have the kids peel the backing off the contact paper, lay one of the fish on the table sticky side up.. Have the kids put small pieces of colored tissue paper all over the contact paper.. when done place the other pattern on top sticky sides together. Help the children seal the edges. Next have the children punch a hole near the edge, string a piece of yarn through the hole and hang near a window. I have a Great Fish Pattern for this project if you would like me to send it to you just email me and let me know.

Sea life Mobile:

Step 1: Have kids cut out a starfish pattern then have them make a hole on each leg using a hole punch. Step 2: Have pictures that children can pick from for their mobile.. (from Coloring books or online print outs) have them color them and cut them out.. Glue to construction paper so they will be stronger. Using a hole punch add a hole to each picture then string a piece of yarn through each hole and connect one picture to each starfish leg. Add one more hole in the center of the star fish to hang from ceiling with. (I also have a Starfish Pattern if you would like.)

Hey! My kids love the stories of The Rainbow Fish! We read them together and then made the rainbow fish. I drew two fish per child using a stencil and stapled them back to back. The children then colored them using rainbow colors. I left an opening on one end so that the children could stuff the fish with cotton to give it a 3-D affect. To make the shiny scale I found some hot glue glitter sticks and with my help they added a glitter scale to their fish! They went home and told the story of how the fish shared the rest of his scales for weeks!

Have each child make a paint footprint. When dry (using the toes as the tail-fin) glue an eye on the heel, draw a mouth, and add a small piece of tinfoil for the shiny scale of the “Rainbow Fish”.

Give each child a cut-out fish shape. Have them paint the shape with a glue/water mixture and add small tissue paper squares. If desired, add a piece of tinfoil for the shiny scale of “Rainbow Fish”

Paint with jiggly fishing lures and/or sea/fish shape sponges.

Read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish to your class. Then have the title of the book printed on a piece of white paper with the paper being horizontal and the words running across the bottom of the paper. Back this on a piece of construction paper. Next have the children color it blue. Next paint one hand red and one hand blue and have them put their handprints on the paper (one red and one blue). Then have them add bubbles using an empty film canister and dipping it into the pain and pressing it on the paper near each fish a couple of times. When this is dry, the children can use markers to draw an eye and a mouth on each fish. This is a great way to reinforce colors and left and right. Enjoy!



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  • Tammy March 28, 2018 at 3:36 pm Reply

    Use a small paper bag (any color) stuff it 3/4 full with newspaper. Tie the opening off with string (this is the tail) allow the children to decorate using scrap paper. Glue a eye to each side of the bag.

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