First Day Of Winter Art

Freeze Ice in popsicle molds. Sprinkle Jell-O powder onto paper. Children can use ice to move Jell-O around. It works the best if ice has started to melt.

you need: light blue and brown construction paper. white paint. cut out a few tree trunks from the brown paper and have children glue to blue paper. Have children make small brush strokes with the white paint all over the blue paper around the tree trunks to make a snowy day in the woods scene.

First Day Of Winter Art

First Day Of Winter Art for preschoolers through second grade.


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  • Renee December 31, 2017 at 2:00 pm Reply

    during winter I roll white butcher block paper out on the cement outside. I then dip a hockey puck in black paint and let the kids hit the puck with a child sized hockey stick to make streaks. the kids love it and since we live in Florida most of them have never held a stick before so it’s a new experience.

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