First Day Of Winter Activities

Living in Florida the children do not get to see snow. In the pre-k class though, snow arrives in January via potato flakes. We suspend a tarp from the ceiling filled will potato flake ( 25 pounds. )as the teacher is telling the snowman story which she draws on the chalkboard, I slice the tarp at the appropriate time & it snows on the children. They each receive their own pail & shovel. each child is dressed like a snowman by wearing Glad garbage bags w/ the red draw string. The kids wear their gloves & hats, we turn the ac as low as we can. They have a ball!

For a winter activity, we put shaving cream in our fluid table, add trucks and plow those “snowy” roads. It’s one of the children’s favorites!

We have very cold winters here in the midwest, so I made indoor snowballs. I got a couple of pairs of white nylons and cut each leg into three or four pieces. Then I filled each one with fiber fill stuffing and knotted the open ends. We have access to a gym area, so we took the snowballs in there and had an indoor snowball fight. The children loved it!

For the block area; Freeze water in milk cartons. These can be used for a block activity or have the children to add food coloring and salt to create a piece of art.

First Day Of Winter Activities

First Day Of Winter Activities for preschoolers through second grade.


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  • Renee December 31, 2017 at 2:01 pm Reply

    For a cute winter bulletin board, take pictures of the children in different winter outfits and doing different winter-time poses, (throwing snowballs, skiing, ice skating, sledding, making snow angels, etc.) Print the pictures in a size compatible for the bulletin board, cut around the child’s image and add the different items needed to complete the poses…skis, ice skates, sleds, etc. Use blue background paper for the sky and layer white paper over the bottom portion for the snow. Attach the completed pictures of the children, add touches like flying snowballs and snowmen and “real” it up by spraying fake snow lightly on the bulletin board to make it look like it’s snowing. Add a cute phrase and admire your work!

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