Fire Safety Science

Smoke Detectors

Materials: 2 small paper plates per child glue, battery cutouts 1 per child, black circle the size of a milk cap, red dot stickers

Directions: After talking about smoke detectors and the fact that they have a battery, which needs to be changed every year and a sniffer, which has the job to smell the smoke, have the kids make their own detectors. Glue 1 battery and 1 sniffer to the inside of 1 plate, staple the other on top, just use 2 staples so they can still open it up . add the red test button and before you know it, you’ll hear fire drills being practiced through out your room. This also makes for a great conversation piece between parents and children.

We made fire pails with a coffee can and baking soda. I got the idea from the Arm & Hammer web site ( You can e-mail them to receive the label to go around the cans. It has instructions on how to use them.



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