Feelings Art

This was a fun way to show the kids how music makes you feel different. Give the kids paint, paper and a paintbrush. Have a tape recorder with different types of music (classical, rap, rock, instrumental etc) Tell them that when the music is on they paint on the paper to the speed and the mood they feel. The kids and I had fun, painting slow and relaxed to classical and going very fast for the fast songs. (We talked about feelings after: sad, happy, surprised etc.)

To let kids express how they are feeling ask them to take out a plain white sheet of paper and ask them to draw, paint or even write some words which express how they feel at that time. Later they can exchange their papers with another student and talk about what they think the child feels.

Read the book, “My Many Colored Days,” by Dr. Seuss. It opens up great discussion and can be followed up with an open-ended art project of many different colored paints. I allow the children to paint however they want. When the child is done, I quote what they tell me about their painting (in marker on the art). This works really well with children that are usually very quiet.



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