Family Art

Family Portrait

Materials: Strong paper plates, markers, string

Directions: Ask the students to draw their family onto the inside of the paper plate. Poke 2 holes at the top edge of the plate. Thread the string through the holes and tie it for a hanger. Hang the portraits up!

We made a large banner to display outside out classroom when we did a unit on “My Family”. We cut out people shapes out of construction paper in pink and lt. blue, and each child picked out the numbers and colors for each member of their family. Then they colored in and drew each member of their family on each one of the people shapes. Then we glued them on a piece of butcher paper by their name that they wrote and wrote in next to each person their names.

We made a family quilt. I gave each family a small piece of poster board. They took it home for the weekend and decorated it with anything that depicted their family. After they brought them back to school I laced them together like a quilt and hung it on the wall. It makes an eye catching display.

In our class we did a unit on “Our Family” one art activity that we did was a family tree. The children made a tree out of construction paper then glued on pictures of different members of their family. Then we put them on the wall. The children wanted to keep them up all year it was a really good tool for discussion about families and how they are all special. It also gave the children a closeness to their family while they were at school.


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