Fall Songs

My daughter came up with this idea for a catchy tune for fall

(Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

Leaves are falling all around
Twisting and turning to the ground
I make piles all around
Them jump in them on the ground
Leaves are falling all around
Falling, falling to the ground

This is a variance to the “Five Little Pumpkins” Song, for those centers that don’t celebrate Halloween.

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate (five fingers up)
The first one said “Oh my it’s getting Late” (Hands on Cheeks)
The second one said “There’s a chill in the air” (arms around self)
The third one said “But we don’t care” (swing pointer finger)
The fourth one said “We’re ready for some fun!” (hand in air)
The fifth one said “Let’s run, run, run!” (running motion)
So woooo went the wind, and out went the lights,
And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!

My children learned this in preschool and now I use this when talking about squirrels with my Preschoolers.

Brown squirrel, Brown squirrel Swoosh your bushy tail (hold elbow in your other hand and move your arm back and forth) Brown squirrel, brown squirrel Swoosh your busy tail Put a nut between your toes Wrinkle up your little nose Brown squirrel, brown squirrel Swoosh your bushy tail.

scarecrow rhyme:

The funny, funny scarecrow guards his field all day, he waves his floppy, floppy (arms) to scare the crows away!

You can substitute legs, head, hands, etc. for the floppy part of the scarecrow. we had a lot of fun with this rhyme!

 This is a great action verse.

I rake and rake and rake the leaves
Into a great big heap…
And then into the middle I leap.
I cover myself up to hide from you
And then jump out and say “BOO!”


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