Easter Ideas

The Purpose of the Easter Egg at the Easter Egg Hunt:

The Easter egg’s a symbol of the miracle of birth and the beauty of creation as each spring renews the earth. But, even more, it represents Christ rising from the dead and the message of new life and hope, his resurrection spread. Today, each brightly colored egg reflects a special part of the gift of joy and gladness that Christ brings to every heart.

I cut a large heart shape out of red construction paper and cover it with contact paper (or laminate). When we talk about Jesus dying on the cross to forgive our sins, I have the children use a washable black marker to mark on the heart while they give an example of a sin. Then explain that when we accept Christ as our savior he wipes our sin away. Demonstrate this by using a damp cloth to “wipe away” our sins.

Make a Tomb for Christ On Good Friday

You’ll need a cookie sheet, a small box. Also, take a walk in the woods and gather moss, tiny tree seedlings, acorns and small rocks.

At home again, cover a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and place the box in one corner of the cookie sheet. Cut a hole in the side of the box or leave one side open for the opening of the tomb. Make sure your big rock will cover the hole.

Cover the entire sheet with moss and decorate with other woodland gatherings. You may make a cross and stick it in the top of the tomb also.

Explain to the children how Jesus was put in the tomb and the rock was rolled into place.

On Easter morning, before the children get up, open the tomb, put a bit of white cloth with iodine on it in the tomb and a picture of the risen Lord above it.

We put a giant cross on the bulletin board. When a child is “caught being good” they receive a heart with their good deed written on it. The children love to place their heart on the cross. Written on the board “Let our good deeds be our Lenten gift to Jesus.”

This has been passed down with great success. Give each child a plastic egg. Tell them to go home and put something in the egg that shows new life (butterfly, etc). When the children come to school with their eggs, open each one and talk about the new life God gave us at Easter. One child did not put anything in the egg representing that God took Jesus home.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.