Easter Games

This is for our home but it would work anywhere… we make 3 dozen eggs (we have 3 kids)… we give each kid a specific color to look for.. but none the same…The kids have to only find their color egg but if they see another color egg they can’t tell the kid with that color.. this is really nice because it reinforces colors and each child gets the same amount of eggs. Its allot of fun!

For our Preschool Easter Celebration I have put together a fun game called “Wash the Jelly Beans”. I took 12″ brightly colored balloons and mounted them on foam core board that I had cut slits in and pushed the balloons onto the board. I had marked a firing line with surveyor’s tape and had them stand behind it. Then I let the children select a water gun and fire away at the balloons. This was their favorite activity.

Draw an Easter egg. Mark the different sections on the egg with decorative lines, in these six sections of the egg put the numbers 1 to 6. Make a copy of the egg for each of the players. Get a dice. The children throw in turn. When they have thrown a number they can put a counter or mark on that section, obviously if they have already thrown the number 2 they do not want it again. The first player to cover their egg with a counter in each section is the winner.

Have an adult place a basket on a tree outside. Give each child a plastic egg. Mark a line for each child to stand (don’t make too difficult)….Each child will then try to throw egg into basket.

Bowling Contest Host an Egg “Bowling” contest: color some hard boiled eggs and leave one white. roll the white one into the center of a room and take turns to see who can roll their colored egg the closest to the white egg.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.