Easter Fun

Strawberry baskets make great Easter Baskets. Fill with Easter grass, or let children tear green construction paper into strips for grass. Decorate the sides with cotton balls, bunny face with whiskers, or crepe paper. A pipe cleaner can be used for a handle.

Our Easter bulletin board this year will read, “Check Out These ‘Egg-straordinary” Kids!” Each child will decorate an egg shaped poster board picture frame with bits of crumpled tissue paper in bright spring colors. When finished, we’ll glue a photo to the back of each frame and attach them to the bulletin board.

At the preschool my daughter attends, they have an Easter Basket raffle each year. Each child donates an item such as a towel, toys, washcloths, cleaning supplies etc. they are also encouraged to get a business to donate an item.

Easter bunny basket Get a baby formula can, clean and peel off the label, let the children decorate the outside with white cotton balls. glue on big wiggly eyes a pink pom pom for a nose and cut teeth from construction paper. add a pink or blue tail then you have an Easter basket

This idea is to “catch them doing something kind”. Using the small plastic eggs put in a basket of Easter grass. Fill them with different fun things. As you “catch a child doing something kind, or on task. Let them go egg hunt in the prepared egg basket. They keep the treat and you keep the empty egg ( to fill later). You will have a class of great friends and helpers!

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.