Easter Fun

A basket from a gallon milk bottle. Cut a large circle from the front of the bottle using scissors or an x-acto knife, leaving enough at the bottom so that the goodies don’t fall out. Cover the whole bottle except the bottom and the handle, with cotton balls. using craft colored foam, make ears, With pink and white, Eyes use white foam to make a upside down U shape so you can glue a large plastic moveable eye onto. Make a bow, if it is for a girl make a pink one and glue it just above the opening at the top of the bottle for a hair bow. I print their names on the bow. If it is for a boy make a blue bow and glue it at the bottom of the bottle to make a bow tie. Glue the whiskers at the very edge of the top of the bottle and glue a large pink pompom on top of the whiskers. Finish by gluing the ears and eyes on. You now have a very nice Large mouth bunny. I made 5 of my grand children one for Easter.

I fill a small, plastic wading pool with Easter grass and place in in my book corner. My class loves to read in the basket which later becomes a nest.

I run a daycare from my home and I find the kids love wearing hats or dressing up. We are going to make bunny ears this week. You just need to cut a strip of construction paper about 2-3cm thick and bunny ears (I do the ears with a different color). Have the kids decorate it with whatever they want and then staple or tape the ears on the strip. Fun fur would even be cute to glue onto the inside of the ears, but you would need to use stiffer paper for the ears.

Milk Carton Easter Bunny Basket Take a small cardboard milk carton, cut it in 1/2 , cover it with white cotton balls, add extras at flat end to make a tail, cut out eyes, ears, nose, and whiskers out of construction paper or fun foam, attach a pipe cleaner for the handle, and insert grass, add favorite goodies and enjoy.

I teach preschool and have found that toddlers love this idea. Hide plastic Easter eggs in your sensory table that has been filled with Easter Grass. I usually provide them with a plastic pail to put their eggs in and each egg contains a surprise (Candy, etc) Note: please be aware of items that they might get choked on. This activity always equates to smiles and laughs.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.