Easter Art

Easter Art – Stained Glass Egg Take different colors of tissue paper and cut it into different small pieces. Then take two pieces of contact paper peel the one side off, and then let the child put the tissue paper on it. After that then put the other piece of contact paper on it. Hang in the window where the sun will shine on it.

Easter and/or Mothers Day Gifts

You will need: 1.Baby Food Jars w/lids (cleaned) 2.Playdough or other type of clay 3.Various straw flowers or fake flowers in small sizes. You may use plastic miniature rabbits, eggs etc.

Press a small amount of play dough onto the lids underside. Push your flowers or other objects into the play dough (you can even use a small cross for a church activity) You may add as many as desired providing that you can still attach the lid back onto the jar. You also have the option of painting or adding glitter to the remainder of the exposed play dough. Leave the lid exposed to air overnight so the play dough will dry out and in the morning fasten the lid back on. It will look like a enclosed vase with flowers. They are simple and quite impressive!

Spray paint a large sheet of paper using a variety of colored edible dye mixed with water in plastic spray bottles. When dry, you can use paper for wrapping, cutting out egg shapes or it looks great as a wallpaper backing for an Easter display board.

Cut out a large outline of an Easter egg on white construction paper. Next, take white glue and make shapes, lines and patterns on the egg. Let dry. Take colored chalk and fill in the outlines. Rub with tissue or your finger to fill in each shape completely. These are great for bulletin boards or wall decorations.

Easter Bottom Bunny Have each student sit on piece of white bulletin board paper. Trace around their bottoms and legs to form a bunny face and ears. Give the children cotton balls, broom bristles and cut out eyes and the inside of ears to decorate. Add a mouth and either a bow tie or hair bow and you have a bottom bunny

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.