Easter Art

Purchase a flat plastic egg shaped container which might be sold to hold candy. The bottom must have a raised detailed design. Make copies of an egg shaped outline that will fit into the dish. The children will cut out the egg which has been copied on white paper. Place the paper into the dish. Children do a rubbing with peeled, somewhat short crayons.

You can take a small brown lunch sack and roll it from the top all the way down and it makes a perfect birds nest. You can have the children go outside and collect twigs, grass, etc to put in their nests. You can also put in Easter grass and jelly beans and put on a pipe cleaner handle to use it as a little Easter basket. I got this idea at a workshop and it turns out really cute!!

Make salt dough. Two cups salt to two cups flour. Add a little water to make dough like consistency. This can now be rolled into any shape. We made Easter baskets with eggs for our Easter theme, but have also made X-mas decorations, candle sticks etc. Allow the dough to dry slowly or bake in a moderate low oven overnight. Paint if required and then varnish with clear varnish. Makes a wonderful long lasting gift for mom or dad.

Make a Easter basket from a plastic container that had blueberries in it. Weave a pretty colored ribbon through the open spaces around the container and glue the ends together. Use pipe cleaners or heavy cardboard for the handles. Let the children put a egg that they colored themselves into the basket, with some grass and jelly beans. My day care loved this when we made them.

Cut an egg shape out of a coffee filter. Let the kids draw and color on it with washable markers. Then take a water bottle and let the kids spray their egg with water and let dry. They are fast and fun!!


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.