Easter Art

We’re having an Easter party with Ones, Twos, and Threes. I will take a photo of each child with a Polaroid camera. Then I will have each child decorate a cardboard frame with crayons, glue, paper, doodads, etc. I will tape the photo inside the frame for an Easter gift for his/her parents.

Stained Glass Easter Eggs- You will need Colored tissue paper, glue, scissors, and white construction paper. First cut out a large egg shape from the white paper. Then cut the a few pieces of colored tissue paper into one inch squares. Now have the children glue the different colored squares of tissue paper onto the egg. I did this with my two year old class and they loved it.

Materials needed: glue (3-4 bottles) markers (pastel colors), construction paper Take the tips off of the markers and drop one of each color into a glue bottle. Wait for glue to change color. Then cut out oval shapes of construction paper and let children decorate paper with the colored glue. You will have colorful decorated paper eggs.

We made rainbows by painting stripes of all the colors of the rainbow on a cotton ball. Then place on paper, like a stamp. You can also color them with pastels and make them into egg stamps, and draw/paint a basket for your eggs.

Easter Card Print each child’s foot using yellow paint. Add orange beak where the ball of the foot would be (use a marker). Add brown stick feet where the toes are . Glue onto a piece of folded 81/2 x 11 add put Happy Easter on the front. parents love this.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.