Easter Art

For decorating Easter eggs with a glossy finish try mixing sweet and condensed milk with food coloring and paint.

Easter Basket

Styrofoam Cup thin ribbon hole punch sticker, markers, sequins, etc. pipe cleaner Easter Grass malted Eggs or candy eggs

Punch holes around the cup, lace ribbon through holes and tie bow. Decorate outside of basket (cup) with markers, stickers, sequins, whatever you can think of. Add grass and eggs. Poke pipe cleaner into each side of cup for handle.

Items needed: paper plate, silk flowers, ribbon and glue.

To make an Easter bonnet have the children glue silk flowers or other Easter items on the bottom of the plate, when they are done, punch two holes near the edges, opposite of each other and tie ribbon on. Then place the paper plate on the child’s head, tie it and you have an Easter bonnet.

Use Easter shaped cookie cutters and place them in paint and have the children paint all over a blank piece of paper. This makes beautiful art or wrapping paper.

Items needed: 2 hard boiled eggs, a shoe box or other box, plain paper and paint.

Line the bottom of the box with paper and dip the eggs in paint then have the children roll them around, you can also cut the paper in different shapes for another effect. Hint: you can buy hard wooden shaped eggs at a craft store to use over and over without breaking.


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