Easter Art

Items needed : Empty film canister with cover on. Jelly beans cut in half. Glue the half of the jelly bean onto of the top cover of the film canister, and you have a really neat jelly bean stamp. My kids loved stamping lots of beans and it made great wrapping paper or decoration for an egg shape that was cut out of construction paper. Have fun.

I teach Pre-K and my children love to paint. I have found an idea to help my students feel like real artist and get into the Easter spirit. What better way than Big Stuffed Rabbits. I put them everywhere in the room even in the art center. The children love to look and paint the rabbits. They even talk to them.

You use an egg carton (emptied out). Then put a pompom in each of the 12 places where the eggs go. Different color spring colors in the pompom’s works best. Then you do a beak from crafty foam and wiggly eyes and you have little chicks!

Every year for Easter I dye eggs with my class the 5 and 6 year olds. They can color the eggs lightly with wax crayon before I help them dye it. I just buy an egg dying kit. The children can pick any color they want sometimes for a little fun we mix the colors They come out looking really good when they dry. I give each child a Styrofoam cup to put their egg in with some colored Easter grass. The children can decorate their cup with crayons and stickers. Then I give the children a pipe cleaner for the handle of the cup. I just let the eggs dry in the egg carton then we put them in the cups. The cup ends up looking like a basket with an egg in it. The eggs lasts for a long time.

At Easter time, we make sun catcher Easter eggs. To do so all you need is contact paper and tissue paper squares. First you peel the paper off the contact paper. Then you place it sticky side up in front of the child. They then cover the sticky side with tissue squares. When they are all finished I trim the edges and hang in the window of from the ceiling lights.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.