Easter Art

Colored water droplets – I got one of the soap holder with the little suction cups, 2 eye dropper bottles with one having red food colored water and the other with blue colored water and white paper towels cut into flower or rabbit shapes. The child drops either red or blue water onto the suction cups, one drop per cup. When the paper towel shape is placed onto the top of the water droplet covered soap holder, the colors blend to make purple.

Instead of using marbles or balls to paint in a container, use hard boiled eggs. The eggs get decorated and the paper gets decorated too.

Cut out the shape of a jellybean for each child. Give each child 2 real jellybeans each and have them put it in the same color paint as the jelly beans are (yellow bean yellow paint). Put the paper jellybean on a tray and the 2 paint covered beans on top and let the children roll the beans to make a design.

When the forsythia begins to bloom, we pretend we have cut some branches to bring into our class. We design our own vases to display the flowers. We show them some suggestions on shapes, decorations, etc. Then when each child has drawn their vase and colored it, they take brown paint and paint the long stems coming out of the vase. Yellow paint is dotted on for the flowers. They are so beautiful and colorful.

For spring, when we talk about birds nesting, we go outside and gather twigs, dry grass, like birds do, to make a bird’s nest. We glue the gathered items on a paper in the shape of a bird’s nest and cut out some eggs to glue in the nest.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.