Easter Art

Who says carol syrup is just for cooking? Mix a little tempera paint with it and children can paint Easter Eggs cut outs, Shamrocks…anything, anytime, any holiday. Can also be used to make handprint flowers, rainbows and much more! Just paint and let dry…Your art work will shine! And the kids love it!

I purchased bow tie macaroni and then dyed them with food coloring to make yellow, green, red, orange and blue. (I dyed them by putting some of the macaroni in a plastic bag, added a splash of rubbing alcohol, and a splash of food color – shake the bag well). Then I placed them on newpaper to dry overnight. I then used the dyed macaroni to collage with pastel colored cello paper (Easter basket paper). The bowtie macaroni looks like butterflies and the paper looks like flowers. It makes a nice combination for a spring art project.

A variation on the crayon resist idea: Use oil pastels to decorate paper eggs, then wash with pastel colours. The pastels create a brighter colour, and using pale yellow, pink or mauve to do the wash really creates a great Easter look.

How about painting with *Peeps*?!?!? First, cut out fairly large *chick* shapes out of white paper. Put tempra paint (white, yellow, orange, black) in muffin tins (we use the aluminum ones) and then use REAL candy *Peeps* for the applicator! The head makes a perfect grip for small hands, and the bottom of the peep, dipped in paint, gives a sponge like effect. Of course, you should have Peeps for snacks, too! If you’re concerned about someone taking a bite during the painting, you could always use vanilla pudding with food coloring to paint with!

Great for an Easter or Springtime unit!

Use different sizes of plastic eggs and several colors of paint. Let children dip halves of eggs in paint and it makes very colorful circles.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.