Easter Art

I blow out eggs, poking holes in top and bottom of egg. make sure you wash them out. Let them dry. Then take small squares of tissue paper and glue and let the children glue them on. They turn out beautiful and they had a nice keepsake.

I’ve been doing this activity for 2 years. Works great. First, make some pudding, Vanilla works best. Then, buy package of Peeps (pink, blue, purple) Put a dab of pudding on finger-paint paper cut in shape of egg or bunny. Give each child a Peep. Then let them spread the pudding with the Peep. The pudding turns the color of Peep and the kids can eat their marshmallow when they’re all done. What a great way to paint! Kids Love it and it is open-ended!

A fun hands on sensory project that my young special ed. kids enjoy making is a bird’s nest. I have them “scrunch” a brown paper lunch bag. Give them an open bag and have them start at the top and roll and scrunch it down. Flatten it to resemble a bird’s nest. I have a container of snips of yarn, small twigs, and dried leaves. They glue these with school glue on the nest. To finish off the nest, they glue candy robin eggs in the middle (readily found for Easter treats at this time of year). For a treat after our project I make rice krispie bird nests with jelly beans for eggs.

Draw a simple Easter basket outline on paper- make copies onto construction paper. Cut out picture of Easter candy, bunnies, and toys from newspaper advertisements. First step for children is to have them color their basket. Second step is to glue green scraps of either tissue or construction paper where the basket opening is. Third and final step is to glue on the various candy, bunny and toy pictures above the “grass”.

Purchase a cardboard egg and have the kids paint it with bright colors. Let dry. Spray it with glitter. These are beautiful.

Giant Painted Bunny!

Take white poster board and cut into two large oval shapes and then cut 2 ears, 4 paws and a tail. Take each piece and have the children finger paint each piece whatever color than choose. Then when dry have the children paste felt eyes, nose, mouth and pipe cleaner whiskers on. Then assembling by gluing or pasting all the bunny together. May be a 2 day project. Also cut to smaller ear pieces out of felt for the middle of the ears and paste. Then do a large oval felt piece for the tummy. For the tail Use a large pom pom. Happy Easter!!

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.