Easter Art

Easter Cross Cut a cross out of cardboard. We make them about 12 inches tall.

Crush clean and dry egg shells into small pieces and color with a mixture of alcohol and liquid watercolor. Let dry.

Apply shells to cross. Spray with clear acrylic spray.

OR>>>>> Use colored rice and spray. The rice becomes somewhat translucent. They are beautiful and the parents love them!

Salt Dough Crosses 2 c. Flour 1 c. Salt 1 c. Water

Knead 7 – 10 min., until smooth and firm like pie crust dough. Roll out and cut with cross-shaped cookie cutter. Place crosses on foil-lined sheet. Bake at 300º, 30 minutes for every ¼” thick.

*If dough puffs, pierce puffed area and reduce to 250º. *You can brush with egg/milk mixture after 15 min. of baking for a shiny brown glaze.

Teacher Prep: Fold a piece of black construction paper in half. On one side cut out the shape of a butterfly, on the other cut out the shape of a cross. These shapes should be large enough to fill the space and still allow some border on either side.

On a piece of white construction paper have the children paint a watercolor rainbow. This is very freeform. Let them use all the colors.

When this dries, glue the black paper on top of the watercolor paper and fold in half. Write “Joyous Easter” and the child’s name on the inside (this can be done before they paint). Each child takes home a card for his/her parents showing the very sad and very happy story of Easter.

We do this at our preschool every year at Easter time. Teacher Prep: place a masking tape cross on glossy finger-paint paper.

Child: finger-paints or paint with brush over the picture with purple tempera paint. When dry, pull the tape off to show a white cross. We frame this with a large oval shape cut out of a white square about 15 x 18 inches, and add a small cutout banner to it that says.” Jesus Is Alive”. We usually make the cross to be about 12″ high.

Cut out a white cross from construction paper. Splatter paint red, to represent the blood Christ shed for us.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.