Easter Art

Give each child a small portion cup, (3 oz. bathroom cups work well too) and then place a bowl of jelly beans in the center of the table. Allow the children time to talk about the colors. Place glue in the bottom of the portion cup and ask them to glue the proper jelly beans as you read this little poem: Red is for the blood he shed, Green is for the grass he made, Yellow is for his sun so bright, Orange is for the edge of night. Black is for the sins we made, White is for the grace he gave, Purple is for his hours of sorrow, Pink is for a new tomorrow.

A cup of jelly beans,

So colorful and sweet,


An Easter Treat.

Make a copy of the poem for each of the children and send it home with the cup of jelly beans. The best part of this project is that when everyone has finished, you can give each child some jelly beans to eat!!!

Send home colored paper to each family and ask them to trace and cut out everyone’s hand. Write a letter explaining that Jesus died for every adult and child, and that He loves and accepts everyone. Collect the cut-outs and arrange on a large wall to make a big cross!

On day one I have the children sponge paint a 4ft. high cross cut from butcher paper. After it dries we hang it in a prominent place and put a sign above it that says “Jesus died for us” For the rest of the week, I have precut flowers cut from construction paper. The children, teachers and parents choose a flower and write their name on it and glue it to the cross. It is a lovely display as the cross is filled in.

Take a large piece of heavy white tag board and using an blade knife cut out a large cross, leaving a good size border. Give the children a piece of clear contact paper and lots of small pieces of tissue paper. Let them cover their contact paper then top this work with the tag board frame. They now have a beautiful rainbow colored sun-catcer. God bless.

In my preschool class at Easter we do a project that is easy and enjoyed by the whole school and then taken home to remind us of Jesus’ love all year. On a piece of black construction paper I cut out a cross in the middle of the paper. I supply the children with pieces of tissue paper cut up about 2×2. The kids put glue all around the outside edge of the cross and put different colors of the tissue paper covering the cut out cross. We then hang them in our classroom window for all to admire from the outside. After Easter, the children take home their picture to hang in their bedroom window so that every day the sun shines in so they can remember that Jesus died for us.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.