Cookie Arts And Crafts

Cookie Arts And Crafts

Cookie Arts And Crafts

Cookie Arts And Crafts activities for preschoolers through second grade.

Texture Art: Cookies-I either precut circles or provide a circle pattern for older kids to trace. Cut the circle. Mix brown paint with a little bit of sand and have the kids paint the circle (usually cardboard) with the mixture. Then they glue chocolate chips to them. I use these on a bulletin board “The Perfect Batch” with a tin foil background. You can also have them spell their name on the cookie using the chocolate chips.

Draw little curvy lined circles on brown paper for the children to make cookies. Then let them glue chocolate chips to the cookie. They will, of course, enjoy the chocolate chips for a snack also.

As an art activity for Cookies cut a round circle out of felt. Using black fabric paint let children put black spots for “chips” making chocolate chip cookies. My Pre-K class loved this.

Have the children dip cookie cutters into paint and press them on a piece of butcher paper. This makes a wonderful mural.



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