Color Songs

Red Song

R-E-D, red, R-E-D, red. I can spell red. I can spell red. Fire trucks are red. Stop signs are red too. R-E-D. R-E-D.

Have a big stop sign and a big fire truck drawn so the kids can hold them up when the class sings about the objects.

Red day: Mary wore a red dress, red dress, red dress. Mary wore a red dress all day long. (Repeat) Change the name and color and article of clothing to match different children in the class.

ORANGE is a carrot, YELLOW is a pear, PURPLE is a plum, BROWN is a bear, GREEN is the grass, BLUE is the sky, BLACK is a cat and RED is cherry pie! My preschoolers love this song. I made a book out of it so they could see the pictures.

Flannel Board Activity “It’s Raining”

I wear a yellow raincoat, to cover up my clothes.
And some shiny, new black rubbers, to cover up my toes.
I hold a green umbrella, as I walk along to school.
And the raindrops make some splashes,
In the little muddy pools.

Prepare visual aids for raincoat, rubbers, umbrella and splashes. Children enjoy helping to tell the story.



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