Color Snacks

Colorful Toasted Bread

What food you need: ; Fresh white bread ; Milk ; Food coloring

What things you need: ; Cookie cutters ; Bowls ; Paintbrushes ; Toaster Oven

What to do: 1. Pour milk into bowls. 2. Add food coloring 3. Cut bread with cookie cutters. 4. Paint bread with colored milk. 5. Toast painted bread. 6. Eat & enjoy!

Versatile activity; any shape cookie cutter may be used (i.e. train during “Transportation”, dog during “Pets”, pumpkin during “Halloween”, etc.).

Give each child a small pile of Fruit Loop cereal. Have each student sort the colors, then string onto a yarn necklace to wear the rest of the day, and eat! YUM!

When studying the color blue (or Oceans), make blue Jell-O (place gummy fish/shark in before chilling), put whip cream on top for waves. Serve in individual clear cups.


This idea comes from my friend Barb who does home day care. Each child is given a small paint brush. the size used for model painting. Provide assorted colors of food coloring in small bowls. Each child is given a slice of bread to ‘paint’ using the food coloring. When the children have finished painting, toast the bread as usual, butter and voila…edible art!



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