Color Science

Color mixing bottles: Supplies: Baby oil, small plastic bottles, water, food coloring and solid candle wax coloring.

4 days before needed or as a group, chop small portions of candle wax coloring and drop into bottle of baby oil. (it takes about 4 days to melt into the baby oil) Once the mixture is melted, color your water using food coloring. Then add the colored baby oil to the bottom 1/2 of the bottle and the colored water the the top 1/2. Seal the bottles and shake. The colors will mix and then separate again and again.

Cut out large rectangular shapes (about the size of a sheet of paper) from cellophane paper (the kind that you wrap gift baskets with. Provide red, yellow, blue sheets. Make up a chart that shows the children how to make the secondary colors (yellow + blue = green, etc.) and let them explore.

This is a way to explore the colors of God’s rainbow. You may choose to explore one color or many. Gather 6 – 8 clear glass or plastic jars (glass works better). Fill each jar with water. Then, drop several drops of food coloring (one color per jar) in the jar. Ask the children what in God’s world is that color. This works great for a study of Noah’s ark. Use 7 jars, one for each primary color and explore! Use charting paper to list their answers. (Great exposure to the written word.) Enjoy!



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