Color Games

Color Dance – Put on music and have the children dance. Stop the music and call out a color(or have a child pull a color swatch from a bag). Anyone wearing that color sits down. Keep going until everyone is seated. Then reverse the game – call out a color and anyone wearing that color gets to start dancing.

Color discovery: Give each child a piece of colored cellophane or colored acetate in either red, blue or yellow. Put on music and have the children dance. When the music stops, they must find a partner, put their colors together (it may help to hold them up to the light) and tell everyone what new color they have made.

“Look Carefully”: During circle time call one child up to the center of the circle. Ask another child, “What is Mary wearing that is red?” That child then names one thing that Mary is wearing that is red. Continue until all of the things Mary is wearing that are red have been named. Remind them to “look carefully!”

I have been teaching my preschoolers how to recognize the color words. I have cut out a piece of paper for each color. I then have a paper with the name on it. We sit in a group and we match the color with the name. We have done this for a few weeks each a.m. and they know them all! You could also put the name on the color paper so they can see what it looks like.



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