Color Games

Using the Twister mat (you could make one if you don’t have the twister game) I have my children put there hands on a red. Then put a foot on yellow, etc, etc. I only do one body part at a time and the kids love to do it. I will say that I only have 10 kids so with a larger group this might be difficult.

For my color lessons I have “Scavenger Hunts”. After I introduce the new color to the class I give them a certain amount of time (using my timer) to find things of that color. When the timer goes off, all the children sit down in the circle and we all go over our “color” objects. We had a blast… and they reinforced their color recognition.

Hot glue crayons in a pattern to a strip of tag board (or sentence strips). Then provide a second set of crayons and let the children try to match the pattern.

When teaching two’s I filled the sensory table with objects of the color we were studying. Not only did we learn a color, but there vocabulary was increased and large and small motor skills were used as they explored the materials.

“Color Dig” Practice color matching skills with this activity. Collect two empty egg cartons and 24 small rocks that fit in the eggcups. Choose 12 colors you’d like students to learn. Paint two rocks and two sections of the egg carton with each of the colors. When the rocks have dried, hide them in you sand table. Have students go on a color dig to hunt for rocks and match them to the correct sections of the egg carton.

Color Hokey Pokey – Have colored circle stickers in four colors. Every child gets a sticker on each hand and each foot (they should have one of each color). Play the Hokey Pokey singing, “Put your red dot in, put your red dot out….etc.


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