Color Art

Put yellow tempera paint on one hand blue paint on other hand tell children to rub hands together say some magic word look at their hands and make handprints.

During our colors theme, we made sun catchers to put in the window, I cut the rim from polystyrene coffee cups and punched a hole, through the rim, tied some ribbon we used white it’s up to you what color you’d like. Then the children helped my cut up or rip yellow plastic see through wrapping paper into squares or chunks and they glued them across the rim. when they were dry we hung them in the window and the sun shone through. you can use what ever color plastic you want.

During our color unit we mixed to make pastels and darker tints. The colors were mixed on the paper then used to paint with. Having several basic colors and white allowed children to choose the color they wanted and compare their results with others.

Have children color coffee filters with washable markers. With a squirt bottle let children squirt the coffee filters. Watch how the colors bleed and mix with each other. This turns out to be really pretty and makes a great sun catcher.

Take a white piece of paper and fold it in half (let the children try to fold in half!) Open the paper. In the crease of their papers, drop different colors of food coloring. Let the children fold their paper in half again. Press down on the paper. Open it–neat symmetry surprise!

Flatten out a coffee filter. Make a ring with a black marker near the center. About an inch from the ring make another ring. Make yet another ring around that ring. Fold the coffee filter several times. Dip the end of the filter into water for a few seconds. The black ink will run and other colors will be seen. Open the filter and lay flat on newspaper to dry.

Primary Colors Pyramid

Have child dip their hand in Yellow paint and place at the very top their paper. Dip other hand in Red paint and place at the very bottom left corner of their paper. Rub hands together to create Orange and place a handprint in between the Red and Yellow. Wash their hands. Dip a hand in Blue paint and place at the very bottom right corner of their paper. Dip the other hand in Red and mix the two hands together to create Purple. Place a handprint between the Red and Blue handprints. Wash hands. Dip a hand in Blue and a hand in Yellow and rub together to create Green. Place this handprint between the Blue and Yellow. This project is very messy but the kids love it. My class of two year olds can tell you what color two specific primary color handprints will make. They really enjoyed it!



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