Circus Snacks

Circus Snacks

Circus Snacks

Circus Snacks for preschoolers through second grade.

Big Top Mix: We used goldfish, peanuts, pretzels and Mother’s cookie parade mix. Then we mixed it all together and put it in white paper bags (that I cut in half so they wouldn’t be too big) with red stripes just like you get at the circus. YUMMY FUN!!

Cookie Carousel

Needed: Oatmeal cookie (2 per child), icing, animal crackers.

Have child frost bottom of both oatmeal cookies ( we use craft sticks instead of knives) stand up animal crackers in a circle and add another oatmeal cookie on top (icing down).

Make ice cream clowns. A small scoop of ice cream is the head, the ice cream cone is his hat. You can use whatever you like to decorate them. You can use blueberries for the eyes or M&Ms. You can use the chocolate sauce for the hair and mini marshmallows for a pompom for his hat.

Children can shell peanuts, then put in a food processor or blender and add honey. Process and put on crackers for a snack.

Make a circle on the mat – I draw one with chalk (don’t forget to tell them not to do this at home…..cos we have special kindy chalk that comes off…mum doesn’t!) and they have to stay back behind it…….I put the frypan in the middle after spreading paper all over and we cook the popcorn minus the lid…….jumps everywhere and is a lot of fun. STRESS… one is to touch it in any way or else it gets picked up and put in the bin. (Can then do jumping activities to the Popcorn song – from a little kernel to wiggling around as the pan gets hotter to leaping high in the air.)

For lunch: make clown faces………..

scoop cottage cheese, flatten onto plate – it’s the face, add cherry tomato noses, cucumber eyes (with a piece of round cut carrot for pupils), red capsicum (pepper) mouth, bowtie can be a piece of cheese, shredded (grated) carrot for hair ……or whatever takes your fancy.

Frozen Nanners on a stick
Popsicle sticks
Crushed Grape Nuts

Have the children peel their banana. Help them insert their popsicle stick up into the banana. Have the children dip the banana in milk and then roll it in the Grape Nuts. Freeze until hard. Yum!!

Circus Snacks

Circus Snacks for preschoolers through second grade.


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