Circus Games

Concentration – make up a set of matching cards (ringmaster, lion through hoop, prancing horse, seal on a drum, big top, acrobats, clown, elephant, juggler, tightrope walker, wagons and what ever you can think of) – and away they go.

Lotto – make up 6 boards 3 x 3 and put appropriate circus pictures or stickers in each square….matching cards…..all you need then are the players and a caller.

I also have a clown game…….. six clowns each with different coloured clothes……..cut into 6 pieces (hat, head, upper body, lower body and big shoes) each with a number from 1 to 6 on it. Kids roll a die and select the appropriate piece…..first to make up the clown wins. Can play it that they have to get the pieces in order – head then shoes don’t go together.

Another is…..6 large head shapes plus pieces (hair, hat, eyes, nose, mouth,ears)……on a plain die draw these….kids put face together by rolling die and selecting appropriate piece. Make the features as outlandish as you want……all different so that each time they play they finish up with another clown.

Jumping Through The Hoop

Get a hula hoop. Have the children line up and jump through the hoop like some circus animals do. Ask them to jump like different circus animals such as a tiger, an elephant, a lion. Have the children come up with their own animals and how they would jump through the hoop.



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