Circus Art

Let the children become clowns by decorating a clown’s hat and taking a paper plate, cutting out the center and making a slit to the middle so that it can be easily placed around the child’s neck. Use bingo markers to decorate it.

Put all those empty paper towel rolls to good use. You cam purchase colored cotton balls fairly inexpensive at beauty supply stores or pharmacies. Have the children practice using their pincer grasp by pulling apart each cotton ball to make them big and fluffy. Next put glue on about the top 3/4 of the paper towel roll and stick on your cotton. It makes create cotton candy when you use light blue &/or pink cotton balls.

Make circus banners, like the triangular ones you can buy at the circus. Children can decorate with stickers, sequins, glitter, etc.

Make a circus balloon. I let the children just decorate with odds and ends stickers I have left over. Attach a piece of yarn to the end.

1. Headbands – put out cardboard strips along with stars, sequins, feathers, glitter…………..and let the kids go to town…..when finished adjust to their head size, fasten……and you have the prancing horses or the marching band.
2. Make puppets of circus animals.
3. Provide streamers etc and decorate the wagons, trolleys and bikes for the circus parade.
4. Lots of shapes……..glue……paper…….make clown faces.
5. A body outline…..scraps of material, wool tops, paper etc and kids can make/dress clowns.
6. Patterning….balls and drums……kids decorate them with zigzag patterns…..add a seal and heigh presto!

Just Clowning Around

Have each child lay down of a piece of butcher paper and trace around them with a marker. Draw a clown suit on them by adding three vertical circles on their chest, ruffles around their neck, ruffles around their arms and feet, and a clown hat on their head. Next, let the children decorate their “clown suits” with markers, crayons, pom-poms, rick-rack, etc. When each child’s “clown” is finished, cut them out and hang them around the room.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.