Circus Art

For the a circus art project I thought to make popcorn. Instead of gluing the popcorn on the paper, I knew my very young class of 3 year olds would want to eat their share of the popcorn. So, I let them decorate brown paper lunch bags with the “Dot Art” paint (but you can use anything) and fill their bag with a handful of popcorn.

We made big top tents out of red construction paper (less than 1/2 of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet worked and cut to look like a tent), then I cut a slit up the middle and folded back the side to form the tent entrance. Then we glued them to a piece of sturdy white paper 8 1/2 x 11 and added stickers for the animals, drew clowns on the paper or a picture of the kids going to the circus and added a sun and sky. To finish it off we took a flag cut out of yellow construction paper, glued it at the top of the tent and wrote our names on the flag. They also took white crayons and made strips or decorations on the tent. WAY CUTE!!

Have the children cut out a circle and add features of a clown face. You may put on a red nose, silly mouth etc. Get creative. For the hair, have the children dip their hands in orange paint. Place their hands on both sides of the clowns head for hair.

We had a circus day, and painted the children’s faces, they made cone shaped hats, by wrapping a large piece of decorated paper into a cone and fastening with staples or tape. Then we made clown noses out of egg carton cups, painted red, and held on with sewing elastic thread. we then made popcorn for snack. It was great fun!

We I used the circus as a theme in my toddler room, We painted with balloons. Blow up a balloon small enough for them to grasp. (You will still have to help them hold it.) Let them dip the balloon in paint and then have them blot it onto a piece of paper.

Part one: materials: small Styrofoam shapes(from craft store), assorted pipe cleaners, paint, glue, flat toothpicks, glitter, feathers, string, shoe box.

Let the children be creative and make any type of animal they would see at the circus( my kids made elephants) then take shoe boxes and decorate them. this will take 2-3 days. Part 2: turn the boxes on their sides. have the children put their animals into them and glue thin strips of black construction paper to make it look like a circus car. attach string to on side of the box so the kids can pull it around. let them dress up like clowns, put some music on and pull their circus cars in a parade around the room. this activity will take a couple of days to complete but my 4-5yr olds loved it!

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.