Christmas Games

“Ring the Bell” Game- Using a large (4 foot x 3 foot) piece of heavy duty cardboard, I cut a large bell shape from the center. I then added ribbons with jingle bells attached to hang from the open middle area. The children threw bean bags through the bell to “Ring the Bell”. Great for hand-eye coordination and throwing skills!

Santa’s Toy Shop

I use this with my 3 and 4 year old Special Education students. Find as many small/manipulative toys as there are the number of students in your class and the same number of hula hoops. I tell the students that Santa left me some toys to try out to see if children like them. I put one toy in each hula hoop and have a child go to a hula hoop and play with that particular toy. After 3-5 minutes they switch to another hoop, and so on, until the class is over. The kids really keep busy and seem to enjoy this activity.

Christmas Bingo

Make up a bing-o sheet on large white paper with a picture in each square representing different Christmas items (such as: tree, stockings, fireplace and ornaments). Then call out different pictures or hold them up and the children have the match the picture they see to the paper they have. Little prices can be given when BINGO is achieved.

During a Christmas circle time I asked the children to pretend to be different size Christmas trees. With hands together pointing high above their heads, they are big Christmas trees. Bending at the knees and slightly stooping, they are medium sized trees. Squatting down to the floor, they are little Christmas trees. I varied the speed and order as I called out the different sizes.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.