Christmas Curriculum Ideas

My daughter brought this home from her preschool and we have really enjoyed it!!
Waiting Tree
Glue a fair sized Christmas tree (Construction Paper) onto another paper. Give the children a Christmas sticker for each remaining day until Christmas with the final sticker being a star (she had an enveloped stapled to the bottom of her construction paper to hold the stickers). Each day the child can stick a new sticker on the tree and when only the star remains for the top of the tree, they know that Santa is coming that night and it will be Christmas in the morning after putting the star on top of the tree. She decorated the paper around the tree and looks forward to putting the sticker on every day.

This is actually for after Christmas. Cut the shape of a tree out of heavy construction paper or tag-board. Water down some glue for the children to paint on the tree. Then have them pull the needles off of pine tree branches and drop on to the glue. We do this the week that we come back from Christmas. Our theme is “The After Christmas Tree”.

At Christmas, I cut off the bottom few branches of our Christmas tree and put them in the sensory table with several pair of scissors. Kids love to cut the branches and the room smells great! I got the idea from my director who taught for many years and is always ready with super ideas!

Good for all ages and grades. For Christmas I made a bulletin board out of black paper, which is put up to cover the entire board Then I cut out a red circle, as big as a door knob and put it right in the middle of the board. Last I cut out the letters to finish off the bb, it read…”Rudolph In The Dark.” My class, parents and teachers alike enjoyed this bb.

They Light Up My Life

I have the children decorate and (if able) cut out a Christmas light bulb shape. Then I hang them on black yarn. I glue the child’s photograph on his “light.” Then I string it across a bulletin board or window. I cut out the letters to spell the words, “They Light Up My Life.”

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.