Christmas Arts and Crafts

Christmas Arts and Crafts

Hanger Holiday Trees: Bend a wire hanger in the shape of a triangle. Have the preschoolers’ tape green tissue paper around the triangle. Decorate with foam shapes for ornaments. Bend a pipe cleaner into the shape of a star for the top and use a small square of brown foam for the tree’s trunk. We have these trees hanging all over our classroom and it makes it look so festive! 🙂

Take a clothespin and paint it brown then glue google eyes on it and a red pom cut in half for the nose. There you have a reindeer. Makes a nice ornament for a Christmas tree.

My co-op student brought this idea in, it is simple but loved by parents. Have the kids bring in a small box. Using craft box, have them make the “wrapping paper”. Wrap it with a ribbon and attach this note:

This is a very special gift

That you can never see

The reason that it is so special is

That it is for you from me!

Never ever open it

Just keep the ribbon tied

Hold it close to YOUR heart

It is filled with love inside!


The parents loved this!

Santa Plates:

Needed: clear plastic plates, acrylic paints Paint the palm of child’s hand a skin color, fingers white, top of the palm and thumb red (this will be Santa’s face, beard, and hat. Later teacher can add facial features and white fur around hat and pom-pom. When dry, seal with a second clear plastic plate. These can be used as gifts or a plate for Santa to eat his cookies on Christmas Eve.

Many years ago, our Sunday School Babies made tree ornaments, using scenes cut from used cards (pinking shears) glued to the plastic tops from coffee cans. Sprinkled with glitter, and with a string through a hole punched at top, they made pretty gifts to give to Mama and Grandma and…

I found this idea in an old mailbox book. I sized it down a bit. The idea in the book was to trace children’s bodies and make elves. I found an elf cutout, colored them and added the child’s pic to it with a hat and placed them on my door with green wrapping paper. The parents and children loved them!

Christmas Tree Craft

Cut a Christmas tree shape from green construction paper. Give each child a tree, glue, sequins, beads, buttons and like materials to decorate the tree. When tree is “decorated” drizzle glue over tree in garland pattern and sprinkle with glitter.

Using a Styrofoam cone, place double-sided tape in vertical strips on all sides of cone. Place red, green, and silver Hershey’s kisses on the tape strips. You have just made a “Kissmas Tree”. Kids of all ages love making this yummy treat. You can also use this tree to count down the days until Christmas. Let everyone remove one kiss from their tree each school day then send home for the rest of the days until Christmas.

We put up a large nativity scene on the bulletin board. I let the children make glitter glue stars to fill the sky. Make a star pattern on paper. Put wax paper over it. The children can trace he star with Elmer’s glue then sprinkle glitter on top. Let it dry for about 3-4 days. gently pull off the wax paper! We also make sheep with cotton balls to put around the stable.

A week before Christmas break I bring in a small tabletop Christmas tree with nothing on it but lights. Then every day for art the children make a Christmas tree ornament to add to the tree. When it is time for the break you can send the ornaments home for the kids to place on the tree at home.



  • Lindsay November 22, 2017 at 2:48 pm Reply

    I cut out light bulbs out of bubble wrap and have the children paint then with paint and corn syrup mixed in to make them shiny and them we string them together and hang them in the room with real Christmas lights. looks very cool!

  • Misty November 22, 2017 at 2:48 pm Reply

    I’ve done this every year as gifts for my parents. Call a local carpet store and ask if they would donate large rectangular shaped carpet samples (one for each child) to your center. If not, they only cost about $1.00. In the middle of the carpet make the hand and foot reindeer. Paint each hand black and place in the middle of the carpet directly next to each other, paint a foot brown and place that under yet touching the hand prints. In red and green fabric paint write “Happy Holidays” across the top, the child’s name and year across the bottom. Once the reindeer has dried, outline in black and brown fabric paint. Hot glue a red pom-pom for the nose. Parents love them and they’re super cute!

  • Miana November 22, 2017 at 2:42 pm Reply

    We made Christmas tree sun catchers as one of our gifts this year. We took a square of leftover laminate and used our hand print to make a Christmas tree on it. Paint the tree upside down with fingers away from the child to make it easier. Then the children used their finger tip to paint lights. We cut out a frame and glued it on. I allowed it to just dry and then laminated it.

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