Christmas Art and Crafts

Simple Baby Snow Owls

All you need is cotton balls, pine cones, and felt pieces. Using Popsicle stick push cotton balls in the pine cones continue until you fill the whole pine cone, add eyes small beak and two felt feet and you have baby snow owls. You can add a pipe cleaner wrapped around it and you have an ornament.

Angel ornaments with photo:

You start out with a cut out photo of the childs head, a triangle cut out of white poster board (about 4 or 5 inches tall), a silver ink pad (paint will work too), silver pipe cleaner, and crayons or markers. Let the child decorate the triangle however they want, or for older children, they can write a little poem or message to their parents, grand-parents etc… Then you have them make two little handprints on separate white paper with the ink or paint. glue the handprints to the sides of triangle to make wings, and glue the photo to the top of the triangle. Use the pipe cleaner to make a halo, and hook for the tree (you can also forget the hook idea, and add a magnet to the back instead) This was a huge hit. My 2 year old daughter and I made them last year for her grand-parents for Christmas. We had tons of fun, and she is still so proud of them.

A real cute Advent Star for the countdown to Christmas for young children. Make a star with a slit just below the center. Have children make 24 paper chains (if starting on Dec. 1) Attach paper chain to center of star and add the following poem.

Each evening after prayers are said, take off one ring and jump in bed.

When only the star is left to shine, then you’ll know its Christmas time.

I don’t remember where I found this cute idea but it was a hit in my preschool program for 20 years.

have the child make Reindeers out of their hands by painting their hands brown for the antlers and their foot brown for the head . Add the nose and mouth hang them on the wall like you would the real reindeer ,instead of Rudolph, Dasher ,Donner etc put the names of the children on their individual Reindeer and hang them on the wall pulling the sleigh

Mix powder paint thinly, pour into ice-cube trays, insert lolly sticks & freeze over night. Instant paint on a stick! Messy but great fun, try pastels for Spring, orange & black for Halloween or red, green & gold for Christmas.

I used the letter j to make jingle j’s. I cut red j shapes out of construction paper. The children glued cut up pieces of old Christmas cards and sequins to the letter. When they were done, I punched a hole in the bottom of the letter and attached a jingle bell with a piece of gold pipe cleaner. They loved their “jingle j’s”

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.