Butterfly Art

Supplies- old fashion cloths pins, snack size zip lock baggie, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and wiggly eyes. Let children cut up pieces tissue paper and put then in baggie. Divide baggie down center slide in to cloths pin. Twisted pipe cleaner around knot on top part of cloths pin, add wiggly eyes.

My son made this butterfly in his kindergarten class. Teacher cuts out a large butterfly out of white construction paper. Kids take different colors and shapes of tissue paper and cover the butterfly with them. After it is covered, take a spray bottle and spray the tissue paper until it is very wet. Let dry and then peel off each piece of tissue and it is a beautiful colorful butterfly.

We used yarn and popsicle sticks to make cocoons. The children just wrapped the tarn around the stick until they thought it looked like a cocoon.

Butterfly Surprise You will need : tongue depressors green pompoms or green cotton balls White sheet of construction paper markers glue crayons sequins glitter what ever art materials your children can decorate their white paper with. First make a caterpillar glue pom poms or cotton balls on tongue depressors. Let dry. Teachers you need to draw wings on the white construction paper before hand. Then let children decorate with art materials. After decorating let children glue caterpillar in the middle of paper. Roll each child’s paper around caterpillar and put rubber band around to make cocoon. After a couple of days during nap or when children are not there cut butterflies out. Children will be surprised to see their caterpillars turned into butterflies.

Butterfly painting: Fold a sheet of paper in half. Open up and add 2 or 3 colors of paint. Close at fold and rub all over. Open up and find a beautiful butterfly. Great to do after reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

To make really neat butterflies Take a sheet of white paper fold it down the center put a drop of paint in the center. then put a different color in next to it on one half fold and smash make sure to really spread the paint all over the paper they make really neat butterflies!

I am adding a step to the wonderful coffee filter idea. Take a coffee filter, color with washable markers, spray lightly, all the colors will run together. Now pinch the filter in the middle until it resembles butterfly wings. Place this in a clothespin. Add pipe cleaner antennae and two marker eyes. You may add a magnet strip on the back, and voila! A clothespin butterfly to hang on the fridge.

Instead of doing handprints, try using foot prints. We made butterflies with the children’s feet, put the left foot on the right side and the right foot on the left side, leaving a space between to add a black construction paper body. Decorate as desired. We matted and framed them then added this poem.

Beautiful butterfly, Precious and sweet. Strange how it looks, Just like (child’s name) feet!

I cut butterfly shapes out of contact paper and then I let the children collage them with tissue or construction paper. after we roll up some pipe cleaners and add them for antennae…we have a beautiful butterfly! I usually hang them from the ceiling or put them in the window.

Coffee Filter Butterflies supplies: coffee filters food coloring pipe cleaners Give each child a coffee filter. Put food coloring in water and place them out. Have the kids dip their fingers in the colored water and let it drip onto their coffee filter. Let the filter dry then take it and bunch the sides together and twist the pipe cleaner around the middle. Take the ends of the pipe cleaner and curl them to make antennas.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.