Butterfly Art

For a neat looking butterfly. I cut the Ziplock part off but kept the other end together. let the kids paint one side of the bag then let it dry then wrapped a pipe cleaner around the center for the body and antennas. the kids loved doing it and the parents loved it.

I fold a paper in half. I cut a butterfly shape out. Then I cut the middle out still making a butterfly shape. I put contact paper onto one side. Cut up colorful tissue paper into squares (any shape works) Have the children place the tissue onto the sticky side. Once done run it through the laminator. You have a stained glass looking butterfly to place in the windows. I also do the same thing using construction paper shape butter flies (9 to 12 inches) Have the children paint paper towel rolls (the cardboard) use tissue paper squares and have them glue them onto the butterfly. Once dry, staple the painted paper towel for the butterflies body. Glue google eyes or have them draw the face. cute for bulletin board saying “fluttering into spring”

I had an idea for a Spring party and its where the teacher makes a large cutout of a butterfly or trace it on bulletin board paper and lay that out on a table and have the kids paint the butterfly with their hands

Give each child a sheet of paper, have the children color designs on them. Have them fold their papers accordion style. Take a long piece of yarn (about a yard in length. Tie in center of accordion folded paper. Fan out the sides to make wings. Viola! The kids have their own butterflies that they can take and run around an open space and make them fly.

Clothespin Butterflies: Have cups of water mixed with food coloring colors (red cup, blue cup, etc..) and have children dip eyedroppers into the different colors and squeeze onto coffee filters. Once the kids have ‘tie-died’ the coffee filter, let them dry. When they are dry, have kids scrunch coffee filters into milk bottle clothespins (look like wings) then place dots for eyes on the clothespin heads and wrap pipe cleaners around for antennas. Makes a beautiful craft and my preschool class really seemed to enjoy it.

Buy all those pretty colors of Easter grass on clearance after the holiday! Then let the kids stuffs little plastic baggies with a little of each color. Tie off with a pretty pipe cleaner and the kids have a real pretty butterfly!

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.