Bunny Snacks

For our preschool bunnies theme we did a neat science exploration with fresh produce that bunnies enjoy eating. We do a Bunny Taste Test and Graph our results – pretending that we’re bunnies we each taste a little piece of: carrots, lettuce, radish, cabbage…. Afterwards we discuss and graph which foods we liked the best (as bunnies) and why we think bunnies enjoy these foods. Tasty and fun!

Have the children make their own salad with carrots, lettuce and dressing. The teacher will put the materials on a plate and the children can place what they want in their salad in a bowl.

Marshmallow Bunnies

These are the ingredients:

1. large marshmallows

2. prepared white frosting

3. shoestring licorice (i used the pull and peel licorice)

4. mini marshmallows

5. assorted candies or sprinkles for decorating

This is the way to make them:

stack two large marshmallows for each bunny, securing some frosting between them to hold them together. Tie licorice around the middle of each stack to separate head and body. Cut some large marshmallows into quarters lengthwise, using two quarters for the ears, attaching them with some of the frosting. Attach 4 mini marshmallows for bunny paws and 1 for a cottontail, again with frosting. Also, use frosting to attach candies, sprinkles, etc. for eyes, nose, etc. Licorice may also be used for whiskers.

Bunny Cupcakes: Bake a white cupcakes in white liners. Using either home-made or canned frosting, separate and color a small portion pink. Frost the cupcake with white icing, then sprinkle with coconut. Separate a cameo cookie (long oval crème cookie) and scrape off the crème filling. Frost the center of each cookie with pink. Insert these “bunny ears” into the cupcake 1/3 from the top (if placed too close the edge, the cupcake will split apart). Add two blue M&M’s for eyes, half a pink jelly bean for a nose, and red licorice whips for whiskers.

To make a cute bunny for snack, place a pear half on a lettuce leaf use a small scoop of cottage cheese for the tail and raisins for the eyes. place small carrot sticks on the sides of the pear for the ears. A cute an nutritious snack.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.