Bunny Art

To make a personalized bunny picture all your students need is some paint and their hands! Paint the palm of one hand with desired paint, then separate fingers into a “V” (like the Star Trek Vulcan hand sign!) with the thumb held up next to forefinger then middle finger – then the space – and the ring finger right next to the pinky. Then place their hand, still in the “V” on the paper. When dry decorate like a bunny face with pipe cleaner whiskers, googly eyes…. Fun and personalized!

I let the kids glue white cotton balls onto paper plates and add large wiggle eyes, pink pom pom for nose, construction paper teeth and ears made with white poster board and pink felt in the middle…really cute for bunny week!

Giant Painted Bunny!

Take white poster board and cut into two large oval shapes and then cut 2 ears, 4 paws and a tail. Take each piece and have the children finger paint each piece whatever color than choose. Then when dry have the children paste felt eyes, nose, mouth and pipe cleaner whiskers on. Then assembling by gluing or pasting all the bunny together. May be a 2 day project. Also cut to smaller ear pieces out of felt for the middle of the ears and paste. Then do a large oval felt piece for the tummy. For the tail Use a large pom pom.

Use “bunny-food” to create a bunny. Dip a carrot long ways in paint then press down on to paper to make bunny ears. Then cut the bottom off the carrot dip in paint and press on paper to make 2 eyes and a nose. Then dip the top of the carrot in paint and use the point to draw a mouth.

Shaving cream bunnies:

Pre-cut a bunny out of good construction paper. Make sure if you’re going to be using white shaving cream/paint, that your bunny is a different color so the kids can see what they’re creating. With a marker, add any features that you like to your cut out. Next, mix any kind of cheap shaving cream with either powdered tempra, or a little pre-made paint. Give the kids the bunny and the “paint” and let them go. They can use a brush, or their hands to paint the bunny.

I teach PreK and my children love to paint. I have found an idea to help my students feel like real artist and get into the spring spirit. What better way than Big Stuffed Rabbits. I put them everywhere in the room even in the art center. The children love to look and paint the rabbits. They even talk to them.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.