Bumblebee Art

Make a large beehive out of paper. Staple it on your bulletin board. To make the bees take child size yellow socks, stuff with Kleenex Take black electrical tape and tape around the body to form the stripes. You can use black pipe cleaners to make antennae, use black permanent marker to put for eyes. staple to bulletin board around the beehive. This also gives you a 3-D look!

Bumble Bee Windsock:

Take a piece of black construction paper. Add three strips of yellow paper @ 2″ wide spaced on the black. Glue to make a cylinder. Add a large black circle at one end for the head. Decorate with eyes and antennae cut from construction paper. At the bottom glue six black streamers. Cut a large heart shape from construction paper (black, white or yellow) and fold in the middle and glue to the back for wings. Hang from ceiling.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.