Bumblebee Art

Here is an easy idea for bumble bees using two craft stems (formerly known as pipe cleaners), a bit of yellow tissue paper and a pencil. Holding one end of the stems at one end of the pencil, twist the entire stems around and around the pencil. When done, squeeze the stems together like a spring and remove from pencil. This is the bee’s body. Squeeze a small rectangle of yellow tissue between the sections of the body near the “head” end. These are the wings.
Easy, cute and just the right size!

I die rice with yellow food coloring. I cut out large ovals out of black posterboard or construction paper (posterboard holds the rice better) I cut a smaller circle out of the black paper. I cut wings out of vellum (white see through paper) or wax paper. I let the kids glue the yellow rice in stripes on the the oval shape which is the bees body. They glue the head on (the circle) and then add wiggle eyes, white pipe cleaners and black pom-poms for the antennas….add the wings and t has to be the the cutest bee I have yet see created!

Honey Art

FIRST—-Make sure no children in your class is allergic to honey!

You need:
Food Coloring
Plastic Spoons
Small bowls
White Paper Plates (Not Styrofoam)

Pour the honey into several small bowls. Using the food coloring, make the honey in each bowl a different color. Have the children dip the plastic spoons into the honey and drizzle it onto the white paper plates. Yummy, sticky fun!!!!!

Give the kids a piece of paper and have them paint a tree with brown paint and a paintbrush. When they’re done with their tree, give them a shallow container of yellow paint and have them dip their fingertips into the paint. Then they can make bee prints onto and around the tree with their fingertips. Looks really neat when they’re finished.

Paper bag bees: For children three years old. All you need are paper lunch bags, yellow and black paint, newspaper to stuff them, yellow construction paper for wings and string to hang them. Let the children paint the bags yellow and black. The next day they can stuff them and add the wings. You can hang them from the ceiling.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.