Bug Art

Paper plate spiders.

Use black paper plates or have children paint them black. Give children googly eyes and wrinkled construction paper legs. Let them glue their eyes and legs onto the plate. Punch a hole and hang from the ceiling.

Spiderwebs: Cut black construction paper to fit inside a round cake pan (or you can use a square or rectangle pan and cut a circle out later). Place the paper in the pan. Dip a marble in white paint and place in the pan. Let the children tip the pan back and forth so that the marble rolls, making a paint trail that looks like a web. You can sprinkle with glitter while the paint is wet. My preschoolers loved making these. We also glued a plastic spider to the webs. Great for Halloween or an insect theme.

I cut butterfly shapes out of contact paper and then I let the children collage them with tissue or construction paper. after we roll up some pipe cleaners and add them for antennae…we have a beautiful butterfly! I usually hang them from the ceiling or put them in the window.

Here’s a neat idea the children really love. Use plastic spiders to paint with! Put the spiders on a tray of paint and let the children dip them in and make prints on construction paper. The design that it makes look great!

Coffee Filter Butterflies supplies: coffee filters food coloring pipe cleaners Give each child a coffee filter. Put food coloring in water and place them out. Have the kids dip their fingers in the colored water and let it drip onto their coffee filter. Let the filter dry then take it and bunch the sides together and twist the pipe cleaner around the middle. Take the ends of the pipe cleaner and curl them to make antennas.


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