Bug Art

CREEPY-CRAWLIES!!! Prepare a bug-themed unit (a bug hunt on the playground/in the backyard, buggy stories, learning about different sorts of bugs and the difference between insects, arachnids, etc.), then make a fun caterpillar craft. Materials needed: Construction paper cut into 1-inch-thick strips and (four per child) and circles traced with soda cans (one per child) with two small slits cut, parallel, in the middle of the circle; pipe cleaners cut into three-inch-long lengths (one per child), glue Instructions: Make a paper-link chain with the four strips. Thread the pipe cleaner through the two slits and bend to look like antennae. Paste the circle to the first link of the paper chain. Voila! Your creepy-crawly caterpillar is ready for play. (One of my fave four-year-olds took his caterpillar home, informed his mom that it was his “new brother,” and insisted on sleeping with it. That’s a sure sign of a big hit!)

Worms Underground

First take a full sheet of blue construction paper. Then cut a brown piece of construction paper in half. Glue that piece to the blue construction paper. Next cut strips of Green (I let my 3’s fringe the green to look like grass). Glue the green on top of the brown. So you have a paper that looks like your looking underground. Then I let the children glue gummy worms on to the brown to look like earth worms underground. You can also use plastic worms. If you use the gummy worms be sure you buy enough to glue and eat.

Spider Print- Have the children make a fist. On the palm side of the fist paint it black and let the child stamp their painted fist onto a piece of white paper. Open the fist up. Paint all the fingers but the thumb! Let child put the finger prints on either side of the fist print. (this is the legs) Using their thumbs let them place two thumb prints on the spider. They have created a great holiday art project that not only they will love but the parents can keep to remember their little hands.

Instead of doing hand-prints, try using foot prints. We made butterflies with the children’s feet, put the left foot on the right side and the right foot on the left side, leaving a space between to add a black construction paper body. Decorate as desired. We matted and framed them then added this poem.

Beautiful butterfly, Precious and sweet. Strange how it looks, Just like (child’s name) feet!


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