Bug Art

You can make a ladybug with a rock. Ask the children to bring in class a rock about the size of their fist. A round shape is the best. Have the children paint the rock in red and let dry. With a large black felt marker, draw a line in the center, some dots and glue eyes. It looks just great !

You will need a balloon, watered down glue, newspaper torn into strips, pipe cleaners and paint. First blow up the balloon and knot it. Then dip the papers into the glue/water and cover the balloon with them. The first layer will be tricky but the subsequent layers should be easy enough for the kids to do. Then to dry, you can put it in a warm oven for an hour or just let air dry for a couple of days. when this is done, pop the balloon for a hard shell. Poke holes and insert pipe cleaners for legs and then let the kids paint their bugs.

To make really neat butterflies Take a sheet of white paper fold it down the center put a drop of paint in the center. then put a different color in next to it on one half fold and smash make sure to really spread the paint all over the paper they make really neat butterflies!

I am adding a step to the wonderful coffee filter idea. Take a coffee filter, color with washable markers, spray lightly, all the colors will run together. Now pinch the filter in the middle until it resembles butterfly wings. Place this in a clothespin. Add pipe cleaner antennae and two marker eyes. You may add a magnet strip on the back, and voila! A clothespin butterfly to hang on the fridge.

You take an egg carton cut out the hump that holds the egg. turn it over and let the kids paint it red when dry give them black paint to put dots on . And then you draw a black line up the middle and you have a lady bug (cute on a board with flowers).


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