Bug Art

“Create a bug” Place cut up egg cartons, pipe cleaners, scrap construction paper, google eyes, glitter, cotton balls and any other materials you would like on the art center. Let the children create a bug! To add language, ask each child to tell you about their bug and write their words down to display next to their creation!

You can make wonderful creepy crawlers and insects using pom-poms, feathers, gooey eyes and a Popsicle stick. have children’s glue the pom-poms and attach it to the Popsicle stick. After that they can place feathers, google eyes on top of the pom-poms. The children in my preschool have made butterflies, caterpillars and mosquitoes.

Caterpillar Supplies: Large craft stick Pom poms or colored cotton balls wiggly eyes pipe cleaners

The children put tacky glue dots on their craft stick, 5 or so, and then stick cotton balls or pom poms on the glue. They then put dots of glue where they want eyes. The pipe cleaner is wrapped around the craft stick behind the “head”. If you have any craft foam shapes available, leave them out during this project. I find that the children get very creative and want to add a mouth, ears and spots to their creature.

A Snail is an artist!

Provide a child with a piece of paper with a fold in the middle. This is a book. On the left side is where the child draws his/her picture with markers. On the other side, the child eyedroppers some colored water drops and puts his/her live snail on one of the drops and the snail makes it’s trail picture. This is after you have had lots of fun observing the snails and feeding them earlier in the week.


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