Bug Art

Bug Eyes or Bug Glasses:

(This requires a fair amount of preparation from the adult, but when they’re done, they’re worth it.) Cut egg cartons into sections of 2. By this I mean have two egg cups per pair of glasses. Cut out the centers of the cups. Also, using a hole puncher, punch a hole in each side of the glasses so that string can be attached. Let the children paint and decorate the glasses however they like.

( You can use various thing, glitter glue, etc. to decorate them.) After they’ve dried, you can help them stick feathers into the tops of the glasses and attach strings. They’re ready to wear!


First Take party blowers (doesn’t matter what color) and unroll it and attach the soft part of a Velcro square to the end, then make and laminate different types of bugs (dragonflys, flys, butterflys) and attach the rough part of a Velcro square to that…have the children blow the party blowers and pick the bugs up…the party blowers represent a frogs tongue. They love to see how many more they can get than the other children….sometimes it gets a little slobbery so if you get paper blowers make sure you have extra!

Potato Bugs – have children make bugs out of potatoes, toothpicks, gumdrops, paper, pipe cleaners etc.

After making paper folded blob paintings, make them into wrist butterflies. When dry fold the painting in half again and cut into a butterfly shape (I used a template with my 4 year olds). Glue this onto the top of a piece of cardboard cylinder (eg. paper towel roll) out of which you have cut a small piece so that it is open. This, when the glue dries, can then be slipped on the child’s wrist. Pipe cleaner antennae or even eyes can be added too.


On dark colored construction paper, (Preferably black), Have student use their finger to make two prints beside each other in white. Then using same finger do one print in the middle in yellow. The more they make the nicer it looks :).


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