Bug Art

On the first day of our “Bugs and Insects” theme, after we had looked at bug photos in circle, I put several piles of pre-cut shapes on our table. I provided circles and ovals of various sizes, and put out some shapes that looked like legs and antennae. The kids and I looked at the different shapes and talked about what part of a bug they might be used for. Then, we used glue and paintbrushes to design our own bugs. At the end of our theme (two weeks later) we will repeat the activity and display both sets of bugs, to show some of the things we’ve learned.


Dazzling Dragonfly

Find a simple clip art picture on white construction paper. Next have the children paint with green watercolor paint. When dry glue on colored cellophane wings and large wiggly eyes. Or use glitter on the wings.

what you’ll need: construction paper, 16 oz green plastic bottle, tape, 2 pipe cleaners, pencil, scissors glue, pom-poms, fluorescent light stick ( i bought them at the dollar store)

fold construction paper in half length wise and tear along the fold. Wrap one half around the bottle top for the bugs thorax and tape it in place

Wrap a pipe cleaner around the bottle neck and twist to make antennae. Cut the other pipe cleaner stem into thirds and glue the pieces onto sides of bottle to make legs.

make a small circle for head and 2 wing shapes. Glue wings to thorax. glue the circle on the bottle cap for face. add pom-poms for eyes. let glue dry

activate light stick and put inside bottle!!!!!!!!!!

My students LOVED these!!!!!!!!!!


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